Help me go to StartingBloc: 

I have been recently selected as a StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow for 2013.  

StartingBloc is a non- profit organization that provides students and young professionals with the training, education, and networks necessary to turn any career into a socially responsible one.

StartingBloc organizers invite fellows to participate in a five day conference to learn from leading academics, corporate innovators, social entrepreneurs, activists and government officials. Conference workshops and training sessions provide a fresh look at global issues and help fellows strategize ways to affect change at all levels. 

Please, please please help me attend me attend StaringBloc Institute by making a donation towards my goal of raising $1000 to cover my institute fees.

Visit my personal fundraising page at to make a donation.  ANYTHING HELPS! I need to raise 1,000 for my tuition by March 25th.


It would mean a lot to me to know I have your vote of confidence that I have what it takes to help make our world a better place.

Here is a link to a short presentation about StartingBloc: 

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