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to make an impact on the laws and social change that will stem  from generative artificial intelligence.


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These days, what gets me excited are all the ways that generative artificial intelligence is helping people and companies create value in the world. I like to think about all the legal and social implications that arise from this new technology.  

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I counsel companies
on ways to protect their legal and business interests in the changing landscape of new technologies

My experience as a litigator makes me uniquely positioned to see around corners and foresee legal risks. I have represented groups of consumers and shareholders that sued major tech companies like Zoom, Robinhood, and Slack. My work included analysis of the defendant companies' internal documents and consultations with technical experts. Because of this experience, I am able to identify serous legal risks that can arise from company operations and product design. 

I find the new frontier of artificial intelligence to raise fascinating legal questions. For example, do companies like OpenAi and Microsoft have to give credit to open-source programmers whose code was used to make a commercial product like Codex/Github Copilot? If a person makes a children's book using pictures created from an open-source image-generating AI like Stable Diffusion, who has ownership interest in those pictures? What if those pictures included the image or likeness of a celebrity? If publicly-available recordings of a person's voice was used to create an AI voice for a podcast, is using that voice without the person's permission considered identity theft? I explore these questions and more in my blog. If you're curious, check it out! 


I am always interested in connecting with folks who love to chat about law, AI safety, and the social change coming from this new technology.  Get in touch if you feel the same. 

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